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Pro-Serve Pronone Power Pellet Herbicide


The EASY and EFFECTIVE Way To KILL a wide range of invasive trees and brush including Mesquite, Cedar, Huisache, Multiflora Rose and Juniper!


Little To No Regrowth.

Very Little Damage To Herbaceous Vegetation.

No Special Applicator License Required.

No Grazing or Hay Cutting Restrictions on rates below 600 pellets per acre.

Remains active even after extended periods of no rainfall.



Three Convenient Container Sizes

 5.5 lb bucket, 3900 pellets*

 22 oz. bucket, 975 pellets*

   3 oz. jar, 130 pellets*

* Approximate number of pellets per container

Also available in 35lb. pails.  Call for more information.

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