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Outdoor Edge 3.5" Razorsafe™ System Gutting Blades

Outdoor Edge

Set of four RazorSafe™ gutting blades designed to open game like a zipper without piercing vital organs.

JAPANESE 420J2 STAINLESS STEEL – Blades are precisely heat-treated and hand finished shaving-sharp to ensure excellent edge retention and performance.

RAZOR SHARP AND VERSATILE – Hooked blades are is perfect for skinning and gutting animals without piercing internal organs.

BLADE STORAGE BOX – Comes with a polymer blade storage box to safely transport used blades once the job is complete.

INDIVIDUALLY VACUUM SEALED – Each blade comes sealed in a plastic pouch with PVC blade cover to protect the blade from the elements and to improve safety when transporting and changing blades.

REPLACEMENT BLADES ONLY – Blades are compatible with the 3.5-inch RazorLite EDC™ , RazorLite™ , RazorPro™ , 3.5-inch Onyx EDC™ , RazorBone™ , RazorMax™.

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