Alligare Sonora Herbicide


Sonora Herbicide from will control tough broadleaf weeds and select brush species including mesquite, biennial & perennial thistles, knapweeds, kudzu and locust. Sonora Herbicide provides outstanding selectivity in pastures, rangeland, roadsides/rights-of-way and in many hardwood and conifer sites.

Sonora Herbicide is powered by the active ingredient clopyralid, a pyridine carboxylic acid (synthetic auxin). Herbicides in this family work by selectively promoting unregulated growth in susceptible broadleaf weeds and brush causing disruption of multiple biochemical pathways leading to plant death. Sonora Herbicide is formulated as a soluble liquid and contains 3 lb./gal acid equivalent of clopyralid.

Sonora Herbicide Benefits

  • No grazing or haying restrictions following application when used at labeled rates 
  • Excellent control of many noxious and invasive weeds 
  • Post-emergence control of broadleaf weeds in new and established cottonwood/poplar and eucalyptus tree plantations 
  • For the control of mesquite and certain associated woody species on rangeland and permanent grass pastures 
  • Can be used to control certain problem weeds growing in forest sites and should be applied either at site preparation or after trees are planted (tree release)

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