All Seasons Feeders ASF Boar Light XT

All Seasons Feeders

The ASF Boar Light is the perfect light for serious hog hunters! With motion sensor activation and continuous use solar panel, this green hunting light is sure to be your new favorite hunting accessory! Easy to install and no bulky battery to hook up! Just mount your hog light to a t-post, and you're ready to rock!  You can view even more hunting accessories here.

  • Bright enough for rifle shots well beyond 100 yards
  • Slow on green light automatically comes on at a lower level at dark and brightens with motion to 850 lumens so it wont spook your animals.
  • Battery saving smart technology increases battery life by turning light off when the battery reaches 30% charge, but light still activates with motion to 850 lumens.
  • Powerful 8 watt solar panel on back provides years of maintenance-free use.
  • Self-contained with no exposed wires for raccoons and squirrels to chew 
  • Conditions your animals since the light comes on at the same time nightly 
  • Simply mounts to T-post, feeder legs, round posts up to 2-1/2", or flush mount
  • 1-year replacement warranty with receipt 

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